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Virtual Nail Salon – App Review

It may sound a bit silly but, committing to a particular make up brand or when purchasing any nail polish is very intimidating. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could try out the nail wear before you could buy it? That way you won’t be left with a host of bottles of nail paints which you never want to look at again. It seems that finally someone has heard your prayer and granted you your wish! With Virtual Nail Salon, you can now try on various brands of nail polish in all their shades.

What is it?

How does it feel when someone says that you can try on all the colors of brands like Deborah Lippmann, Orly, Sally Girl, Zoya, Inglot and NYX on your nail? And that too completely free of cost? Isn’t it a completely tempting invitation? With Virtual Nail Salon, you can do so. The app is available for free both on Android and on iOS and allows you to try various shades of nail polish before you can venture out and buy the one you love the most.

How does it Work?

How you ask? It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is upload a picture of your hand on the app and Virtual Nail Salon allows you to try out the colors from real brands so that you can check out which suits you the best. Not just solid colors, Virtual Nail Salon also allows you to make various designs on your nail like polka dots or amazing geometric designs, which you may not be able to do in your real life. Hence, not just colors, but Virtual Nail Salon also allows you to plan out your whole nail art regime and that too in advance. If you don’t like the available designs then you can also upload a design or picture of your choice to paint or design your nails with. If you want to upgrade to the advanced designs or you want to access the beautiful nail jewels, you can do so for just $2.99. This will help you to up the bling game with your nails.
One of the coolest feature that Virtual Nail Salon offers you is matching of shades. You can take a photo of almost anything you love – be it a flower, be it an apple or be it your favorite shirt- and Virtual Nail Salon will search its whole database to bring to you a color which is closest to the same from all the available nail polish shades. Now you can go to the shop and search for the most likely shades.

Too lazy to go to the stores? Virtual Nail Salon will help with that too. It has an option where you can purchase your favorite shade online at the click of a button. Voilà! Your favorite shade of nail polish is now yours.
Virtual Nail Salon doesn’t just restrict you to nail polishes and virtual nail jewels only. It also allows you to try out various kinds of manicure so that you can get the one which you like the best. You can also try out various kinds of rings that are available on the app. You will also be provided with various kinds of nail stickers and you can also create your very own pattern if you want to.
What are you still waiting for? Download Virtual Nail Salon right now and try out all the awesome shades that the app has to offer to you virtually, before you venture out into the real world to buy the shade you love most.

Galaxy Splatter Nails + DIY Decals Tutorial

I love Splatter Nails! But the average technique to get Splatter Nails – blowing the paint with a straw directly onto the nails – is really annoying in regard to cleaning up the cuticles. That’s why I always do Splatter Nails with the plastic bag method. I call it DIY Decals because you basically create decals and then stick it onto the nails. You can find my tutorial on how to do those at the end of today’s post.

So the process of creating your own decals is very easy but you will need some time to let it dry. You will need a plastic bag, a straw and your colors of choice. Then paint your base color onto the plastic bag. I always paint a rectangle about 10cm wide and a little bit more than two times my nail length. If you do this for the first time I’d recommend painting a bigger area so you have some spare decals to practice the technique. Take care not to paint the polish too thick because the thicker the decal the more difficult it will be to place it onto the nails app evenly. Then you dip the straw in the bottle of nail polish and blow in the other end, so that the polish will splash onto the painted area. I always let my decals dry over night so they can be removed from the plastic easily. The next day you can cut the decal with your scissors and create small pieces in the size of your nails. Paint your first nail with one coat of the chosen base color, remove the decal from the plastic with tweezers and add it onto the wet polish. Press it down gently and wait for a little while. I  can remove most of the overlapping parts with my other finger nails. After that I apply a first coat of clear nail polish to “melt” the decal and the base color together. Then I can clean it up like I would with my usual manicure and add a top coat.

And this is how you shouldn’t be doing it. Hard to remove 😉

I had so much fun making this tutorial and I plan on doing more of them if you like it!

Clever Hacks To Get Creases Out Of Your Clothes Without Using Steamer

The very common issue that people facing in their house is wrinkles or creases on their clothes. People use to remove creases or wrinkles with iron but many people do not have best garment steamer so the question is how can you remove wrinkles or creases from your clothes? People also have fear of burning clothes or any marks so people avoid interacting their clothes with the Steamer. And it was said that your first impression is given by your clothes, so it’s good to wear wrinkles free clothes. Mostly office man they actually need creases free clothes so they look gentle in their office. If you want to know about more steamers head to
There are many different ways to removes creases from your clothes without Steamer but not everyone knows about it. So, guys, below in this article we are going to give different ways to get creases out from your clothes without using iron or Steamer. Below you will find the different ideas or tricks to remove creases or wrinkles from your washed clothes.

Creases Out Of Your Clothes Without Using

1.  The first idea is that you can use ice cubes while drying your clothes. Because drying your clothes is one of the best ways to remove creases. You need to put some ice cubes into washing machine dryer with water. Ice cubes because, when you start drying then ice cubes will melt and change into steam, and that will help you to remove creases from clothes.
Remember that the speed of your dryer is on medium and you have to dry it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes hang your clothes up exact right after taking them out from the dryer. Never leave clothes in the dryer for a long time after the drying done.

2.  The next way to remove out wrinkles from clothes is this; most people have found this idea easy that removes wrinkles fast.
First, start your shower and make the water temperature high. Now close your washroom and let the steam get out. Then, go to your washroom and hang the wrinkle clothes on your washroom rod. Now, wait for up to 15 minutes of steam to get the wrinkles out from your clothes. Remember that you don’t get the water on these clothes. Also, make sure that your hanging rod is also clean so it won’t give any mark on your clothes.
For the best result, you have to get your clothes close to the heated steam. If you will hang your clothes with the big distance in your bathroom then don’t expect a good result. So it means now you don’t need to waste water, you can try this trick while you’re actually taking a shower in your bathroom.

Read – Galaxy Splatter Nails + DIY Decals Tutorial

3. The last way or idea in this list is quite simple. You can buy a wrinkle remover spray from the nearby grocery store. Put your clothes on the table and spray it gently which help to get the wrinkles out. Remember that you cannot use a wrinkle-removing spray on fabric like silk it can leave any mark on your clothes. You should first test the spray on a small piece of cloth before spraying it on your entire clothes. After when you did with the process of spraying then you should hang your clothes to dry.

Final Verdict:-

So, folks here is the ending of this post and hope you liked the above article. We have mentioned the three tricks or idea to get the wrinkles out from your clothes which you can use easily because they all the easy to do and also affordable. Most welcome of your question and feedback. You can ask the question or give feedback through the help of given comment box below.

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