Galaxy Splatter Nails + DIY Decals Tutorial

I love Splatter Nails! But the average technique to get Splatter Nails – blowing the paint with a straw directly onto the nails – is really annoying in regard to cleaning up the cuticles. That’s why I always do Splatter Nails with the plastic bag method. I call it DIY Decals because you basically create decals and then stick it onto the nails. You can find my tutorial on how to do those at the end of today’s post.

So the process of creating your own decals is very easy but you will need some time to let it dry. You will need a plastic bag, a straw and your colors of choice. Then paint your base color onto the plastic bag. I always paint a rectangle about 10cm wide and a little bit more than two times my nail length. If you do this for the first time I’d recommend painting a bigger area so you have some spare decals to practice the technique. Take care not to paint the polish too thick because the thicker the decal the more difficult it will be to place it onto the nails app evenly. Then you dip the straw in the bottle of nail polish and blow in the other end, so that the polish will splash onto the painted area. I always let my decals dry over night so they can be removed from the plastic easily. The next day you can cut the decal with your scissors and create small pieces in the size of your nails. Paint your first nail with one coat of the chosen base color, remove the decal from the plastic with tweezers and add it onto the wet polish. Press it down gently and wait for a little while. I  can remove most of the overlapping parts with my other finger nails. After that I apply a first coat of clear nail polish to “melt” the decal and the base color together. Then I can clean it up like I would with my usual manicure and add a top coat.

And this is how you shouldn’t be doing it. Hard to remove 😉

I had so much fun making this tutorial and I plan on doing more of them if you like it!

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